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Criminal Justice Reform

A New Chapter for Nevada

To the dedicated citizens of Nevada’s District 1, it’s time we turn a critical eye towards our criminal justice system. This isn’t about pointing fingers or playing the blame game; it’s about acknowledging the flaws and making concrete changes. As your Republican representative, I’m committed to pushing for reforms that ensure justice, fairness, and safety for all our communities.

1. Prison Rehabilitation:

Beyond the Bars: Our prisons are overflowing, and it’s not just a space issue; it’s a human issue. We need to shift from punishment to rehabilitation. This means better mental health services, education programs, and job training within prisons to prepare inmates for a successful re-entry into society.

2. Strengthening Police-Community Relations:

The bond between law enforcement and the community is crucial. We need to rebuild trust where it’s been broken. This includes enhanced training for our officers in de-escalation techniques, community engagement, and implicit bias, ensuring they can serve effectively and justly.

3. Reducing Recidivism:

A Preventative Approach: The revolving door of our criminal justice system isn’t doing anyone any favors. We need to implement programs that address the root causes of repeat offenses, such as substance abuse, lack of education, and unemployment.

4. Fair Sentencing Laws:

Let’s talk about sentencing. We need to ensure that sentences are fair and proportional to the crimes committed. This includes re-evaluating mandatory minimum sentences and giving judges more discretion.

Expanding Alternative Sentencing Programs: Jail isn’t the only answer. We should expand access to alternative sentencing programs like drug courts and community service, which have shown promise in rehabilitating offenders without incarceration.

5. Support for Law Enforcement:

While we reform, we must also support our police. This means providing them with the necessary resources, training, and support to do their jobs safely and effectively.

As your representative in Congress, I promise to advocate for a criminal justice system that is fair, just, and focused on rehabilitation over punishment. It’s about creating a system that not only serves justice but also fosters a safer, more united community.”*

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