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Securing the Borders

Let’s dive into the immigration debate. As someone whose family is a vibrant tapestry of cultures – with a beautiful Mexican daughter, and my not-so-fluent Spanish skills – I’ve got a personal stake in this. Immigration isn’t just a policy issue; it’s about our community, our families, and our future.

1. Securing the Borders:

Let’s not mince words – border security is crucial. It’s not about building walls to keep out tourists and cultural exchanges; it’s about stopping crime and ensuring safety. We can secure our borders without sacrificing our values.

2. Celebrating Cultural Diversity:

District 1 is a melting pot, and that’s our strength. Immigration enriches our community with diverse cultures, ideas, and traditions. Let’s not forget, the diversity in our district is a powerful asset that we should embrace and protect.

3, Practical Pathways to Citizenship:

The system’s broken, and we all know it. We need clear, fair pathways to citizenship for those who contribute to our society and economy. Let’s cut the red tape and offer a hand up to those seeking the American dream.

4. Cracking Down on Illegal Activities:

While we welcome immigrants who add to our community, we need to be firm on illegal activities. This means better tracking, stricter enforcement, and cooperation between local and federal agencies.

5. Economic Contributions of Immigrants:

Immigrants aren’t just bringing their cultures; they’re boosting our economy. From small businesses to tech startups, their contributions are immense. Let’s acknowledge and support this.

As a Republican congressman, my approach to immigration balances security with the celebration of our district’s diversity. We can protect our borders while also recognizing the invaluable contributions that immigrants make to our society and economy. It’s about finding a middle ground that respects the law and honors our diverse heritage.”

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